Saturday, 24th of June 2017

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The closing ceremony of European Individual Women's Chess Championship was held last night in „Nikola Tesla“ hall of hotel Metropol Palace in Belgrade...
GM Hoang Thanh Trang (2467) is the new European Champion for 2013! She drew with Viktorija Cmilyte in the last 11th round and won the Championship with 9 points out of maximum 11. The curiosity is that Hoang Trang is the first woman to win both Asian and European Individual Women's Championships.
The leader Hoang Trang defeated Alexandra Kosteniuk with black in the 10th round of European Individual Women's Chess Championship. It seems Kosteniuk had a bad day, and practically beat herself. She chose a strange sequence of moves, which Hoang punished right away and now she has a full point advantage over the following players, since the other important matches were drawn...
Hoang Trang drew with Salome Melia today, again in an endgame, just this time, unlike the others, with a peaceful outcome. Melia with this draw gained her second GM norm in 9 rounds and rating performance of 2641 points.


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on Monday, 29 July 2013 09:58.

round06 02Today's round was very exciting. The interesting fact is that in the first 15 boards, apart from a few games which finished as a draw, almost all the games were won by black. On the board one, Nino Khurtsidze played a very good game and defeated the 14-year-old Goryachkina.
Also, with black won Kosteniuk, Melia, Charochkina, Purtseladze, Arabidze and Socko. On the second board Anna Muzychuk drew with Deimante Daulyte, and on third Natalia Pogonina with Nana Dzagnidze.
Valentina Gunina defeated Corina Peptan with white, in a very interesting game full of turnovers. Ekatarina Atalik also won with white, against Iva Videnova.
It is certainly worth to mention 2 draws of Serbian players. Marija Rakic drew with Sofi Milliet, and Jovana Eric with Tatiana Kosintseva.
Tomorrow 7th round is on schedule, after which comes the rest day. This is the part of the tournament when it is very important to keep the strenght for the last decisive rounds, so it will be interesting to see who will have more energy in the end.

Photo Gallery - 6th Round >>>

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on Sunday, 28 July 2013 10:01.

round05 12Today's round was quite militant. Even the games which were finished as a draw, were played till the very end.
The leading Aleksandra Goryachkina drew with black with Viktorija Cmilyte, and the game between Salome Melia and Katherina Lagno finished in the same way.
Big surprise of the 5th round is definitely the win of Deimante Daulyte, who defeated Antoaneta Stefanova with white in a Scotch line. The game was played according to the theory until some point, but afterwards, black got into the position which was quite difficult to defend.
Nino Khurtsidze played very well against Ekatarina Kovalevskaya. She was taking over the space, move by move, and outplayed the experienced Russian player.
Alexandra Kosteniuk didn't have much difficulties in the game against Serbian Jovana Vojinovic. She captured a pawn, and it turned out this small material advantage was more than enough for a win. In two Georgian clashes, the victories went to Bela Khotenashvili against Maia Lomineishvili, and Nana Dzagnidze against Sopiko Guramishvili.
Whole point also scored Valentina Gunina, who recovered after the loss in the round 2 with three wins in a row, then Natalia Pogonina, Hoang Trang, Lilit Mkrtchian and Olga Girya.
Important victories achieved Nastassia Ziaziulkina against Tatiana Kosintseva and Meri Arabidze against Natalia Zhukova.
Last in the hall finished Corina Peptan and Inna Gaponenko, who drew after 87 moves.
After the 5th round, three players are in the lead with 4.5 points, followed by 13 players with 4 points.

Photo Gallery - 5th Round >>>

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on Saturday, 27 July 2013 14:59.

round04 44Yesterday's Guest of the day was Grandmaster Viktorija Cmilyte, who effectivelly defeated Irina Bulmaga in a very sharp Sicilian, with black pieces. After she showed us her game, Viktorija answered a few questions.

Nadezda Stojanovic
You are an Olympiad double gold medal winner. You are a member of the strongest Bundesliga club Baden Baden, you are playing many leagues and many important top tournaments. So you are a very active chess player. Is it possible to make a living by playing chess and being a professional chess player?


on Saturday, 27 July 2013 00:13.

goryachkinaAleksandra Goryachkina defeated Bela Khotenashvili in a marathon game with white pieces, and with this victory, she is in the sole lead after 4th round. After the opening, it seemed she had more pleasant position and more space for her pieces. After much maneuvering, the position went into an endgame, and if only Bela didn't blunder, the game would have finished as a draw.
Viktorija Cmilyte effectively defeated Irina Bulmaga in a very sharp Sicilian. Viktorija seemed to enjoy her position with black, and in only 27 moves she scored her third win in this tournament.
Good game was played on the board number 4, between Ekatarina Kovalevskaya and Tatiana Kosintseva. However, after a great fight, Tatiana blundered in a time trouble and had to resign two moves after.
Convincing wins achieved Katherina Lagno against Nino Batsiashvili and Antoaneta Stefanova againist Sabrina Vega Gutierrez.
Important victory scored Maia Lomineishvili, who defeated former compatriot Ana Matnadze in 104 moves.
Jovana Vojinovic - the best rated Serbian player on the tournament, drew with Natalia Pogonina. She had a slight advantage as white, but she couldn't make more than half a point.
Melia Salome decided to play Lasker and try to use tactics against Inna Gaponenko, but this was not enough for a win against experienced Ukrainian.

 Photo Gallery - 4th Round >>>

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on Friday, 26 July 2013 18:16.

bykov guest2Nadezda Stojanovic:
Ladies and gentleman, welcome to another „Guest of the Day“ conference of the European Individual Women's Chess Championship. My guest today is Mr. Vladimir Bykov, Vice-President of St. Petersburg Chess Federation. Vladimir hello and welcome.

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